“The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your Home”
-Jeff Lincoln


Intelligent Atmosphere Lamp Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger


  • You can adjust the noise, volume, lights color and brightness from APP and personalize a healthy sleep-wake routine. The Arches Alarm Clock with snooze is gentle and peaceful to help your body wake up more gradually. This smart sleep alarm combines customized alarm clock, sound machine, ambient light, Bluetooth speakers, wireless charger and weather display. It’s widely used for sleep training, nursery sleep, insomnia, meditation, SPA, bathing, party, festival, home decor, bedside lamp, nightstand lamp and so on.
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Wall Lamp With Rotary Key Switch


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LED Night Wall Lamp Motion Sensor Human Induction Light USB Rechargeable


1. Anytime, anywhere, with light.
2. Sidelight is soft and not dazzling.
3. Large sensing range, always waiting.
4. Switch between human body induction mode and constant light mode.
5. Flexible installation.
6. The details are full of care and the craftsmanship achieves high quality.

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Smart Digital Power Strip


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Suspended Magnetic Table Lamp


  • Applicable gift-giving occasions: birthdays, holidays, housewarming, trade fairs, advertising promotions, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, business gifts, opening ceremonies, awards Commemoratives, public relations planning
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Magnetic Levitation Bulb Bedside LED Night Light


  • Light bulb wireless power supply: safe, not hot, more convenient to use.
  • Originated from French technology: volley suspension, automatic suction when power off
  • Touch switch: step-less dimming, adjustable at will
  • Creative night light: warm every corner
  • Creative Gifts
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Led Table Lamp 4 In 1 Qi Wireless Charger Desk Lamp


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Wake up LED Light Alarm Clock, Multiple Modes with Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Simple and atmospheric product modeling and excellent product quality
  • Specially designed screen display, you can intuitively view the current time, real-time weather status, equipment networking status, etc
  • Soft warm yellow night light, help you illuminate the environment in the dark
  • 9 kinds of atmosphere lighting effects, and the color, brightness and change speed of lighting can be customized by APP
  • 2 sets of independent alarm clock, can be adjusted according to the working day and rest day of the repeated cycle
  • Soft light and natural sound music with sleep, sleep can automatically turn off the music and light
  • BT speaker function, one button BT pairing, listen to what you want to listen to
  • Support 12 and 24 hours system, 12 hours display, with AM/PM indicator light
  • Network time, automatically support time zone and daylight saving time
  • Support voice and APP control alarm clock, sleep and lighting
  • The maximum 15W wireless fast charging function, to provide your mobile phone with a fast and convenient charging method (optional)
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Magnetic Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light


  • Light source: LED light
  • Light color: 2700K-3000K warm white light
  • Light power: 1W LED
  • Lighting delay: 15 seconds
  • Sensing distance: 2-3 meters
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh battery
  • Rated voltage: DC5V 1A
  • Product materials: beech wood, acrylic, electronic components
  • Product accessories: induction lamp X1, magnetizing piece X1, charging cable X1
  • Product size: 18*2.2*3cm
  • Product weight: 0.22lbs
  • IP rating: IP20
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14oz Electric Milk Frother and Steamer for Hot and Cold Milk 4 in 1


  • 4 in 1 Function: This milk frother can create warm dense foam, warm airy foam, cold foam and warm milk, you can enjoy heavenly coffees in no time at home with this milk frother and steamer
  • Large Capacity: Our milk frother has a large capactiy, can froth milk up to 5.1 oz/150 ml, warms milk without foam up to 10.2 oz/300 ml. The marking is visible for you to fill in so it can ensure that you don’t spill your favorite beverage. (Recommend to use whole milk for better result.)
  • Fully Automatic: This milk frother and steamer will automatically shut-off when finished, Once you press the button, you can walk away until it is done, makes your life easier and more enjoyable
  • Easy To Clean: The cold milk frother has non-stick coating interior for easy cleaning, Just rinse with water or simply wipe with a wet cloth. (Note: please do not immerse the outside bottom of this milk frother into the water when you clean it.)
  • Simple Operation With One Button: Just press one button of this milk warmer to choose the desired options and produces creamy and frothy milk foam for your cappuccino, macchiato or café latte
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Large-Capacity Bread Box and 3-Piece Canister Set Iron Storage Container Used For Kitchen Or Table Storage Store Pastries Coffee Biscuits & More Black


  • Keep the bread fresh and delicious: the bamboo lid is firmly placed on the box to seal the right amount of moisture, keep the inside fresh and keep the baked goods fresh
  • Durable material: The bread box is made of durable metal material, and the surface is covered with a clean black coating. The lid is made of high-quality bamboo , and the lid can also be used as a cutting board in the kitchen. Wear-resistant, long-lasting health
  • Multifunctional kit: In addition to the large-capacity bread box, it also comes with 3 small storage tanks. White lettering is printed on the surface to store your coffee, tea bags and sweets. This kit can pack your favorite food neatly
  • Easy to clean: bamboo lids and iron jars only need to be wiped clean with a clean towel or paper towel
  • Size: Bread box size: 16.34” W x 8.86” D x6.3” H, small jar size: 4.13” W x 4.13” D x 5.51” H
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