Computer Repair Tool Kit, Precision Screwdriver Set with Small Screwdriver, Magnetic Laptop Screwdriver Kit, Repair Tool Kit for Computer


Computer Repair Tool Kit

  • 【 More Sizes & Types of Bits, Higher Hardness, More Durable 】 This mini screwdriver set with case consists of 100 CRV steel bits(15 types), which have higher hardness, stronger torque, and strong impact resistance. It incldes torx star screwdriver set, torx security screwdriver set, phillips screwdriver set, flat head screwdrivers, pentalobe screwdriver set, triwing screwdriver set and more. It can be installed on cordless screwdrivers and disassembled with more than 800 screws.
  • 【 Mutifunction Electronics Tools Make Your Repair Easier 】 This electronics tool kit includes flexible extension shaft, 1/4 inch screwdriver adapter, pry tool set, magnetizer/demagnetizer, tweezer, small screw magnetic pad, SIM Eject, suction cup. It will be your excellent computer tools repair kit professional, laptop repair tool kit, pc building tool kit, phone repair tool kit, iphone repair tool kit, macbook tool kit, and tech tool kit.
  • 【 Breathe New Life into Your Items 】 This precision screwdriver set is what you need for your electronics repair & home repair. It will be your excellent computer accessories screwdriver kit, laptop screwdriver kit, pc screwdriver set, macbook screwdriver set, jewelers screwdriver set, iPhone screwdriver kit, PS4 Xbox screwdriver kit and more electronic screwdriver set.
  • 【 Deal With Various Repair Problems 】 Equipped with a professional screwdriver handle’s non-slip design and 360°top rotation to provide more grip. Equipped with a Flexible shaft and build-in extension shaft make it easier to work in hard-to-reach places. Equipped with a magnetizer to keep the mini screwdriver magnetic,and equipped with a magnetic mat to attract small screws to prevent loss and sort when you repair.
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