Wireless Gaming Keyboard, 2.4G Connection Support Rechargeable RGB LED Backlit Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard (Black)


Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  • 【Wireless RGB keyboard】: The keyboard adopts innovative 2.4G anti-interference technology, which reduces the input delay of the keyboard, whether it is office or game, it can be efficient, stable and fast response. At the same time, the keyboard is equipped with more than 10 adjustable RGB lights. (Currently, the wireless keyboard does not support driver adjustment, please note.)
  • 【Wireless charging keyboard】: The keyboard is equipped with a 1850 mAh rechargeable battery. It can last up to 15 days in daily use. After being fully charged, it can be used continuously for about 96 hours (laboratory data, the actual situation may have errors) just use the type-c cable in the package to connect the keyboard and the computer to achieve charging.
  • 【Wireless silent keyboard】: The keyboard is considered to be as quiet as possible, especially when compared to a noisy mechanical keyboard. Each keystroke will produce a soft sound, providing a very pleasant typing experience. Never disturb the people around you again!
  • 【Wireless plug-and-play keyboard】: When connecting for the first time, directly plug the USB receiver at the bottom of the keyboard into the computer, turn on the switch on the top of the keyboard, and wait for 10S to complete the driver installation, then the keyboard can be used smoothly. (Please note: the operation of the code is provided in the instructions for use, and the operation is only required when it is not available.)
  • 【Wireless 104-key keyboard】: The keyboard adopts a standard 104-key layout, and the keyboard is equipped with 12 sets of multimedia keys FN+F1-F12, which improves the efficiency of office and games
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