Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub in 2020

The system for the actual DIYer is Samsung SmartThings. Yes, there are persons who can, set up a simple security system on their own. But for individuals who use a lot of different gadgets and want them all to work together, Samsung SmartThings is like varsity-level home automation.

The SmartThings environment may seem a little confusing. You’ll find a vast variety of various gadgets and packages if you check out the SmartThings website. Knowing what you need and which items to pick can be challenging. The most essential piece of equipment for your SmartThings system is a smart hub.

The SmartThings hub works with Z-Wave devices, Zigbee, and Bluetooth. And one of the biggest selling points for SmartThings is how many third-party devices you can add on to the system without missing a beat.

Here’s a short video review about the product for you to better understand how SmartThings hub works.

Video by: yoyoTech

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